View Full Version : Rome TW won't play no matter what

18.12.2005, 19:10
After installing Rome TOtal War on VIrtual drive the game wouldn't play. I uninstalled DT's and tried to play the game with the cd in - no go. I uninstalled Rome TW and reinstalled and it still wouldn't play even with the cd in. I went to TOMe TW support and followed directions for removing the .ini, I removed all folders, and removed any references (that they noted on support site) to creative assembly or other Rome TW references. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and still the same reaction - It starts to load and quickly comes up with a window saying "Rome TW has encountered an uunexpected error and will now exit".

At this point I am out of my knowledge boudaries short of reinstalling windows!

Any help greatly appreciated

19.12.2005, 00:09
You could take a look here (official Rome: TW support site):