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19.12.2005, 00:06
Having installed Daemon 3.4.7 and AntBlaxx I started having problems. Use antiblah instead.

Making a S7 and StarForce Clean and eliminating from registry and from system32/drivers the d346... files and restarting made Daemon work again But:

I deinstalled Daemon 3.4.7 and installed Daemon 4 and I found out i couldn't use DaemonSript with it. So when i tried to go back to the 1st stage, i couldn't make Daemon work with that method. So my big problem starts installing D4 and trying to go back.
I tried the metod of this post but this it what happens:

1є In SCSI/Raid i get three things
-Universal controler..
-Host SCSI/Raid Controler
-VAX347S SCSI Controler
*I uninstall this last one because of the 347 numer ...

2є When I try to uninstall the PnP BIOS Extension, the window goes to "NOT RESPONDING" (the pc goes to 100% for a long time and nothing happens)