View Full Version : set number of devices

20.12.2005, 02:13
hi i wanna know if i can add more than 5 devices in the daemon tools there is a plugin or txt or any other way to extend the mount of virtual devices i need to know i like extend to 10 virtual devices there is a solution for this

tnx to all:D

20.12.2005, 09:56
Upcoming Daemon Tools Pro version will support additional devices. Registered users will get it for free.

Andrew Bienhaus
21.12.2005, 16:43
How soon, do you think? :)

Your program is awesome... I've used it a few times over the years, and it's solved many problems, from dead rom drives, to mis-reading drives.

Anyhow, just registered it, because I have a genuine daily use... my kid's school is getting a computer donated (by me), and there are a ton of educational CDRoms we can use on it.... I want to avoid the obvious "kid handling" of the CDs, and load them onto the HD... Daemon tools came to mind immediately.... but I need many more than 4 devices.

Thanks, and keep up the good work... :)