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17.05.2003, 03:56
Hi ! :)
I got Splinter Cell from a friend and I made images using Alcohol 120% of CD1 and CD2 (SafeDisc 2.8 or 2.9) All is ok for the first 2 CDs, I can play them perfectly, but when it comes to making an image of the third CD, using the same protection emulation while making the image, it gives me a log full of errors, everyline marks an error :( ... Anyone got same problem and found solution or can someone help me plz ???

Have a nice day ! :D

~ Lonfelk

PS: sorry for double posting it was firts posted in wrong forum so i reposted it here !

17.05.2003, 06:06
Hi Ionfelk,

there's nothing to worry about. The bad sectors ARE the protection.
If you get bad sectors in the range ~800-~10000 everything is ok!
All you have to do is to wait :) Depending on your CD/DVD-Drive
it could take some time to read through all those errors.

If you want to speed up the read-process, do the following:

Install the game from the original cd(s). Start Alcohol, minimize it, (DON'T
CLOSE IT!) and start the game, enter the first level (only to be on the safe site);
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go back to menu, leave the game. Maximize Alcohol again, now start to create the third CD-Image using Safedisc 2 Profile. The bad sectors should now be filled within 10secs. Now you have an 1:1 Image!

If you want to play the game from Image with Daemon Tools and installed
it from Original Disks before, you must first deinstall it and reinstall it from the Images using Daemon Tools, or you can try to change the registry-entry for the Drive-Letter used by Splinter Cell, both methods should work.
Or you can simply wait until your CD/DVD-Drive get through all those errors. It is very Drive-Depending how fast you can read - on my Plextor it only is
a matter of seconds, but it's also possible it takes hours with other CD-Drives.
Good Luck!

17.05.2003, 13:40
Thank you ! You're a nice admin :) Well I was kinda getting worried with that 3 feet error long log! lol so it's all ok, perfect ! Thank you ! Btw, I'm recommending your software to anyone I know ! Great job guys !

Have a nice day !


17.05.2003, 16:56
Hey, Thanks a lot ! It took me like an hour waiting fot the errors to pass, it finally stoped at 10224 and started dumping normally! Now, I installed the game from the images and it works perfectly!!! I'm really happy!

btw, I noticed Alcohol has a Playstation emulation ... that probably means I can make playstation images ... but do I need any program to decrypt Playstation CDs or can I read em directly from my drive ?

Well, thanks again to LocutusofBorg, you'r nice, without you, I would'nt wait soooo long. :D

:D Have a wonderful day ya'll ! :D

~ Lonfelk ;)

18.05.2003, 02:59
hehehe, that's why we are here, to help people with trouble :)

No, you don't need special drive to read playstation CD's - but you need a Playstation Emulator (not Alcohol120%, Alcohol120% is a copy-program!) like PSEmu to PLAY such games, just google around a little bit.

Or you play the cd's with a real psx. If I was you, I would stay with the real one. Note, that even if you copy psx-discs perfectly, it's not able to use them without a modification (again, google around a little bit or post questions about "Modchips and PSX" in our Off-Topic Section

19.05.2003, 00:44
How come won't I be able to play em on plyastation if they are perfect copies ??? I knw about the modchips I was just wondering if it were necessary. A friend of a friend of mine seems to play burned ps cds without any modchip. So I was wondering if ... nvm ! Thx for the help :)

Have a nice day !

~ Lonfelk

19.05.2003, 13:47
A mod chip is necessary. The boot protection on a psx cd cannot be copied.