View Full Version : Sound Card Not Working after installed DT4

20.12.2005, 08:07
Hi guys, I need some helping hands here.

After I installed DT4, my sound card is not working any more.

I had try the following ways, but it doesn't solve the problem:

1) I try to unplug and re-plug the sound card to another PCI slot, but it did not detect by the system.

2) I try to uninstalled the DT4 and go to control panel --> add new hardware --> and so on, but the system still not detect the sound card.

I suspect that the DT4 is disable some setting in the "regedit"
and causing the problem. If so, what can I do to recover it?

or, anyone knows what exactly the problem is?

(imaging that u playing a great game but without sound, how bad it is...)

FYI, my system is Windows XP Pro, and the sound card is SoundBlaster Live Value.