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17.05.2003, 20:20
I need such a tool, like the nero image recorder but i want to use it in all applications that support cd burning!!! becouse i don't want to burn a cd only to test the boot menu or so!!!

soory for my bed english i'am german!!!

23.02.2004, 00:09
Ok can u say that differntly I dont really get what your saying. :?:

26.05.2004, 19:24
I think he is looking for a software which act as if you we're virtually burning a CD, like if you could burn an image file in another one (sound weird i know).

14.12.2004, 00:44
I'm thinking he wants a virtual drive to write to, then mount that image and boot from it... ? I don't know of any way to do that. Why bother... CD-R's are dirt cheap, or use a CD-RW ???

14.12.2004, 12:27
You can use a PC emulator for testing boot images or just burn to CD-RW..

02.01.2005, 16:02
Im looking for the same solution, If you could tell me what software to use to get his working, that would be cool.

Im testing a program I made that burns CDs and with debuggin etc it costs to much and takes a while on real cds.

09.02.2005, 23:07
Oh, I get it, a Virtual CD that stays in place when rebooting so the image can be used to boot the PC. If that's the case, you don't have a hope. I don't know of any Virtual drive that can survive a reboot, not unless you know someone who can program it into the BIOS directly.

The best I could suggest is use a rewritable CD to cut down on your costs for CD's. At least you can just erase it and try again without throwing out the CD each time. It may take time to burn the image each time but it's going to take a lot longer to search for the virtual drive you want. :(

The Duke
14.02.2005, 23:13
What the .....

Dudes, you are all wrong !!!


You do a CD with CDRwin .... put all the files in the Session and when you BURN this CD, you don't choose the physical Device for Burning but an Image Recorder, that creates an *.iso.

Well, bad example, cause CDRwin can first creates ISO Images and then burn them.
But only for DataCDs.

The only Burn App I know, that can do for every kind of burning stuff an Image File is NERO (there you can always choose between your pysical CDR Drive and the Image Recorder.

This is very nice ,,,, looking for other Application who can handle this, too.
Like you select a *.cue from an AUDIO CD in Blindwrite and brun that to an Image Drive, not on CD !!


17.02.2005, 16:13
Here is a CD-RW emulator for Windows:

I tried it on NT 5.2 and had no problems.

06.04.2005, 14:50
Sorry for hijacking this thread, but what I'm going to ask is somewhat similar. Having a possibility to boot from a Virtual CD would have solved my problem, but that currently does not seem to be possible.

My problem is the following: I have a notebook without a CD drive, and I do not own an external CD drive, but need to install a bootable CD.

What I do have is an USB-harddrive, and thought it should be possible to somehow reformat the HD, so that I can put the content of the CD on the HD and make it bootable. Are there any tools for this, or is there any other way I could run the boot-CD?

06.04.2005, 15:08
Side question: How much data is on the bootable CD, what do you want to do with it (e.g. install an Operating System from it?), could you do it from a memory stick too? (Provided the notebook supports booting from Memory Stick)

A friend of mine installed Windows XP on a notebook that didn't have a CD-ROM drive like this: He booted from a special, network-enabled boot floppy, mounted the CD drive that was shared in the local network on his computer and installed from there. If this is what you need to do, I could ask him to explain it in a few words here...

06.04.2005, 15:20
That would be great, thanks.

Well, the CD is actually a DVD with about 3.4GB data on it, but my USB-HD has enough space on it, so that won't be the problem.

06.04.2005, 15:33
I told him. He'll do it and send his explanation to me, I'll post it ASAP. Could take a few days though, he's currently pretty busy with his studies...

29.04.2005, 05:14
Just to add a couple of thoughts for people:

If you need to test boot cds - try vmware

Gweilo - Inside your USB Harddrive is there an IDE interface - often that is the case with them - if so you could temporarily disconect the HDD and connect a CD drive - instant USB CDROM