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21.12.2005, 11:22
I've read all posts connected to this subject of ipod/usb and doing what was told there helped me nothing. That's why you have one more post about this.

Here's the story:

The day after I installed DT I plugged in my ipod shuffle in a usb in ther back of the pc as usual. When I tried to transfer songs I got an error like"cannot read to or write from" or something. Thant's when I opened "my computer and saw that the ipod icon wasn't there even though the tray icon shwed that something was connected. I tried rebooting , installing and uninstalling itunes+updater of various versions and nothing solved my problem. I went to a friends house to check if the ipod was working and it worked perfectly there.
So that's my problem. I can't copy any songs t omy ipod cause it's like the thing is not there. Wnhat can I do to get it fixed??
I have an athlon 1.4 w/ 480 ram + win xp pro + SP2
for burning I use either alcohol 120% or nero 7
Thanks for your attention an looking forward to an answer,

21.12.2005, 13:42
No need to double/cross post - continue in your 1st thread:
We're looking into the USB issue, so consider the problem under investigation.