View Full Version : i can not uninstall deamon tool

19.05.2003, 05:32
I us to have win98 with deamon tolls workin perfeclty, y upgrade to windows xp and get mees up deamon tools, y read that to solve that proble ypu have to reinstall d-tools, y try to doit and tell me "These feature you are trying to use is on a network resourse that is anavaible" i tried different thing but nothing works, can you help me please

19.05.2003, 06:43
Check common problems and solutions topic on this board.
You may need old MSI to uninstall old version.

19.05.2003, 15:01
Thanks for que informatio, i cold unistall the deammon tolls and install the new version, but i have another problem, now tell me that is missing the viertuas sci dirvers? any suggestion? thanks anyway