View Full Version : Can you install windows thru Daemon Tools?

18.11.2002, 21:27
I have win98 and i wanna upgrade to win2k. I have the iso but no cd-burner so i was wondering if there would be any problems with installing w2k using daemon tools.

If you can't, do u have any ideas of how to install it other than burning the cd?

18.11.2002, 21:34
No you cannot upgrade to W2K because after reboot your CD will not be accessable.
You can mount the CD in Win98 and copy all files to HDD though and run setup from HDD.
Moreover before upgrading your OS you MUST uninstall Daemon tools completely!

19.11.2002, 03:07
if i install win2k from a local harddrive will the installtion go smoothly. Do you think it will ever try to use a cd-rom directory instead of the hard drive directory for the setup? I guess i'll just hafta try....

19.11.2002, 09:53
It will not try to access CDROM after reboot because all files will be already on HDD.
After Win2000 setup is complete you can install Daemon again.

21.11.2002, 22:56
Sounds like upgrading os is a well known issue. Arggggg!

22.11.2002, 00:16
Yep, I added it to the FAQ.