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19.05.2003, 09:32
I make 2-3 images of WarCarft3 (This CD-R disc written on other CD-RW, and worked on my PC in RW drive with "Hide CD-R Media" option) with CloneCD v4.2.0.2.
.IMG files is equal, but .SUB files have difference, WHY?
When i write any image on other CD-R, in my RW drive game didn't start if i check "Hide CD-R Media", but on CD-ROM game works.

CD-RW LiteOn LTR-52246S

19.05.2003, 10:50
Why not just try Alcohol 120% ??
I used A120 to back my WarCraft3 already. :D

You can find Alcohol 120% from
http://www.alcohol-soft.com or

19.05.2003, 16:03
Alcohol really gives you what you need ! Get Alcoholer and clonyxxl too, these are great tools !

19.05.2003, 17:05
Thanks for confirmation, but you don't answer on my question...

20.05.2003, 18:03
Well, I can't answer your question really cause I don't understand all the compability stuff but in Alcohol, just select the secuROM 4.8 protection and do the image, all went ok for me, it was a perfect, working image !

~ Lonfelk

20.05.2003, 21:06
If you burn a backup and try to play from cd burner, you must have 'hide atip' enabled. The safedisc/securom check reads the atip (info about cd, ie cdr, cdrw, etc...) and won't run if it detects a cdr(w). CDROM's don't read atip though, so if you play from cdrom/dvdrom, you don't need this. If you use safedisc emulation from daemon tools, it will enable hide atip.

21.05.2003, 07:54
Look my first post...
2 all again
I sad when select "Hide CD-R Media" then my first CD-R Copy is work, but when i want create copy from copy, the second CD-R copy not works with "Hide CD-R Media" but also works in CD-ROM drives. Then i create 3 images from first CD-R copy - .IMG files is indenticaly, but .SUB files is different, WHY? AFAIK data written in Mode1 (2048) or Mode2 (2352) has crc checksum, may be SubChannel didn't have crc? and CD-RW drive didn't correct this data? May be reduce reading speed resolve this problem? what did you say?

with Respect...