View Full Version : SFCure and Service Pack 1

21.12.2005, 10:44
I am using Windows XP Service Pack 1 and I'm wondering if there is any way I could use SFCure on it??? I have installed King Kong using Daemon and everything worked fine, but it won't start the game probably because of the SFCure and SFNightmare, so I want to know if it has to do do with the computer being SP1 or SP2. If there's any way to start King Kong without the SFCure, I would appreciate if someone let me know.

Thanx in advance.

21.12.2005, 17:57
Just use DTv4 (woth dt 4 you don't need sfcure, it will work without using sfcure) and unplug your ide-drives (dvd-rom, dvd-burner...)

23.12.2005, 07:42
Kenny1983 you posted in a thread about King Kong, I moved your post here.