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23.12.2005, 08:19
I noticed that other people have the same problem as I had - when installing deamon (4.0) and other virtual drives (even cd-roms) - after installation and restart system hangs and you have services.exe at 100% all time!
Solution: put all regional settings to english before installation and restart your computer. I don't know why this helps, but sure it helped me to make daemon tools to work on five different machines on which I had problems.

23.12.2005, 09:06
That seem to be a problem with a compatibility language.

What's the default language on your computer? And which os ?

23.12.2005, 09:28
OS: winxp pro sp2
Language: bosnian

Check out this link ( om/entry/3238014134623324/+virtual+drive+hangs+services.exe+100%25+at+startu p&hl=en&client=opera), post 46 (google cache)
This guy had the same problem...

23.12.2005, 09:51
Try to do the same problem but this time try to desactive one to one the services. Then you will be able to know which service exactly make the problem :)

23.12.2005, 10:20
I doubt that could show anything because when I triad to solve this problem i used process explorer from sysinternals (http://www.sysinternals.com) - this prog is able to show the whole tree of sevices.exe and none of these processes didn't have any processor usage. But anyway I killed them one by one :) until I finaly caused windows to restart (with countdown) - nothing happened. Root of the tree services.exe remained at 100%

15.04.2006, 07:19
i have the same problem on sp2 and Croatian language:)

Dark Ride
04.06.2006, 06:46
I had the same problem. It's solved now. Thanks !

05.06.2006, 00:00
Thank you 5L4Y3R!

Zivio majstore, zovem cevape ako si u USK :)