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19.05.2003, 17:23
Today, more and more PCs ship without a 3,5" floppy drive. Nevertheless,
many rescue / BIOS flash tools etc. still require a floppy drive where
they can extract their boot disk images to. What about adding floppy
disk emulation to DAEMON Tools? I guess this feature wouldn't require too much extra code and with slight changes to the boot.ini file
(under Windows 2000 and newer) one could even boot from that floppy
image instead of starting the OS!

17.06.2003, 07:59
okay, i guess my suggestion isn't very popular :-) nevertheless, could one of the developers please state whether it's likely for this feature to be implemented or not?

17.06.2003, 08:44
Thereґre two main points against it:
1. Floppy disk controller is different from SCSI controller, so virtual floppy drive canґt be connected to virtual SCSI controller,
2. virtual driver is not loaded at boot up and needs OS, so how should your dream work, to boot from virtual floppy drive? Itґs impossible, virtual driver would have to be part of system BIOS, which is the only thing running at boot up.

As thereґs also the new sticky thread (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=1023) I lock this topic for good :mrgreen: