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23.12.2005, 09:54
So I have a nice 1.4 GHz with 512 MB Ram thats 2 years old.

It is my main machine for apps and burning etc and has many diagnostic tools to help it run smoothly.

Uninstall Daemon Tools 3.37 and install 4.00 and then of course 4.03 when it came out.

Recently however strange things have started happening.

I switch the PC on and no video output. I reboot it and get to the BIOS stage then it freezes. Reboot and then I see the Windows XP splash screen then freezes.

Finally get into Windows but cant log on as it freezes.

Then after at least 5 attempts I get into Windows but as soon I so anything in any program or Explorer it will freeze.

Now first off to me it sounds like a hardware fault but when I finally get it going it is ok.

The reason why I post all this on this forum is I check the Event Viwer logs and find loads of errors relating to Daemon Tools 3.47 which I uninstalled ages ago and never had this problem when I had 4.00 on.

Ever since I had 4.03 on it has done this.

Has anyone got any ideas on a) what the problem actually is? and b) what hardware needs replacing?

I have ran many clean up utilities, reg cleaners and ran a full check on my harddrive and everything is ok.


23.12.2005, 10:53
Hm, difficult to say - check mainboard and PSU first, also if the VGA is inserted properly in its slot.
Regarding leftovers of v3.47 check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove them manually, reboot after the procedure.

24.12.2005, 09:36
If you can, try installing Windows XP (e.g. on an old hard drive, 10GB should be enough) and see if that works fine... If not, you're probably having hardware problems indeed.

25.12.2005, 11:36
I switch the PC on and no video output. I reboot it and get to the BIOS stage then it freezes. No this problem will be hardware related, not software, as he is experiencing lockups during the post stage, which is before any software loads.
I would most likely look at Mainboard, then RAM, then PSU as the culprits....
Check your mainboard for any leaked capacitors, (especially around the cpu socket)
Try googling "memtest86" and make a boot disk with that to run some ram tests...
then try swapping out ur ram for some known good working ram.....
GL Mate

25.12.2005, 12:30
I opened up the PC and I have an extractor fan right next to the graphics card, and I mean right next to it and it was layered in dust.

I think its a dodgy graphics card, will try swapping it out.

25.12.2005, 14:13
It's always a good idea to check all fans from time to time. ;)