View Full Version : Simulate CD-Burner / DVD-Burner

19.05.2003, 19:59
There are many Tools (DVD,SVCD,Audio,etc.) which have their own Image-Formats which cannot all be simulated by Daemon-Tools. But it would be nice to have the possibility to test the image before burning.
If Daemon-Tools could simulate CD-Burner / DVD-Burner, than all Applications with burning capabilities could use the Device simulated by Daemon-Tools for burning and Damon-Tools could create an Image which can be mounted by Daemon-Tools.

A Virtual CD-Recorder would be great....

28.05.2003, 06:33
Now that we actually have legal online music, some applications provide cd burning. A virtual cd-recorder (say a generic 4x speed model) would allow fair use of audio material.