View Full Version : Suggestions / comments about the web site.

19.05.2003, 20:21
1) Advertise! Nobody knows of this address. Everybody is still pointing to the .com/.net addresses, which have been down for at least a month.

2) get rid of the activeX controls. There is no valid reason to require activeX controls on a web site. I assume you are attempting flash or something but aren't making any attempt to first find out whether it's available. A little scripting code is all it takes to find out whether its available, without actually causing the activeX control pop-up notices in Internet Explorer. Nobody really likes flash. Get rid of it. And having the activex controls enabled is a security risk anyway.

3) Under IE6sp1, the browser scroll bars are colored the same color as the web page. It looks ugly and makes them hard to see when you need to scroll the web page. This is a common problem with ie6 but it's still very annoying.

19.05.2003, 21:37
1) Apparently 36,000 users know it has changed :) But we are doing our best to advertise.

2) Activex control is for msn messenger. It allows users to click msn link in profile and send a message via msn. What error do you receive when using it?

3) Do you have a solution for this?

20.05.2003, 05:07
About advertising the new site... Well, I've been hunting for the deamon-tools web site for about a month. It was only today that I found this web site mentioned on cdfreaks.com I have no idea how long you've been here or why you changed domains etc. All I know is that the old links don't work and it took me a month or so to find the new site. And that was due to luck.

As for the activeX controls... I use Internet Explorer with the security settings pretty high. Among other things, I disallow any & all ActiveX controls. So I usually get a message about my security settings being too high to allow the activeX control to run.

At the moment, I'm not getting any activeX control message, but I had been getting them on every page of your web site. Something has changed since this morning. (The only thing changed since this morning on my end is that I uninstalled some stuff to do with my mouse. That wouldn't cause activex controls in my browser.)

I don't use MSN messenger (or any chat tool. Can't stand them.)

As for the colored browser scroll bars... I have no idea how to change that. Older versions of Internet Explorer don't do that, only IE6. I don't know if it's a 'feature' or a bug in IE. Most sites don't do that. The scroll bars are normal colors. But a few sites, including this one, have scroll bars that are the same color as the web page. I'm not a web designer so I don't know the specifics of the cause.

20.05.2003, 13:05
ok, step by step :)

a) We advertised our new site already. The new site HERE is running since 17.05. for public -> the day we released our new DT Version 3.33, so you don't have to search 1 Months :) You say you find us because of link on cdfreaks - yeah, that's because we told every bigger affiliate site or cdr-site that we are here now. And we mail additional sites daily about our new hideout ;)

b) no active - x problem anymore, as you already mentioned :)

c) I don't use MSN-Messenger, too :) but who cares? some users do :)

d) yes, it's a feature, and we surely add a new theme which is different from this one, so you can decide between this behaviour of the scrollbars and the "traditional" one !

At least we try to satisfy all our users, which is of course unreachable goal. But nevertheless we try :)

Thank you for your suggestions!!! Especially the scrollbar-problem is soon "fixed"