View Full Version : virtual sci dirvers

20.05.2003, 00:58
Thanks for que informatio, i cold unistall the deammon tolls and install the new version, but i have another problem, now tell me that is missing the virtual sci dirvers? any suggestion? thanks anyway :(
pd: I have windows xp pro

20.05.2003, 05:39
Please give me some more details, f.e. your error-numbers,
when you get those errors (f.e. after reboot?) and so on.

20.05.2003, 05:44
each time i trie to run daemon tools it tell me, virtual scsi driver not detected, and quits the program.
also when i restart my computer it tell me the same mensage

20.05.2003, 10:49
Installation was ok - no errors?
Do you see new SCSI controller in device manager?
Are you running Daemon currently as admin?
Please also check your Daemon shortcut on desktop and make sure that 'Win98 compatiblity' is NOT set for this application!

20.05.2003, 15:08
thanks, that was, someone in my house put windows 98 compatibility, and y take it off and no problem thanks

21.05.2003, 11:57
I think that was because of OS upgrade, not because of somebody in your house.;-)