View Full Version : invalid Device (going crazy)

25.12.2005, 18:33
Well... today i downloaded deamon 4..

well i've been busy trying run it but i think deamon tools hates me or something 0.o

First error was 12 thingy
second error was can't run cause it won't with debugger or something

well fixed that.. finnaly.. but now i'm getting

Invalid device when i start deamon tools

anyone got any idea's what i should do?:confused:


26.12.2005, 12:55
Nevermind got it working :P.. had to install win 2000 again but wtf :P

now got problems getting X3 to work

27.12.2005, 10:03
X3 just has issues to start with.

If it was me Id wait for the 1.3 patch.. until then your odds are about 50/50 that the game will run at around 1-5 FPS if at all.