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25.12.2005, 20:16
See next post my problems-

26.12.2005, 03:21
I tried installing ver 3.33 and during install the computer locked up. Rebooted PC (Win XP SP2) and found a DVD drive, and SCSI controller (my bios has a SCSI but it is off).

Problem is when I try to use the existing Samsung CD-R/RW drive it turns into a CD-ROM drive only??

How in the heck do I uninstall this stuff? No uninstall file present.

I have tried deleting drivers and at this point the SCSI shows a yellow flag which keeps the DVD from showing up, but the CD-R/RW still does not function correctly except as a CD-ROM?

What to do?


26.12.2005, 15:43
Here is a pic of the drivers for my CD-RW (which acts as a CD-ROM now)


Do I need to change these in some way to get the CD-RW back?

btw, I cannot delete/uninstall the SCSI/RAID Host Controller...PC locks up;
btw, I cannot delete/uninstall the PnP BIOS Extension in System Devices either...PC locks up.

Need some help getting this resolved!


03.01.2006, 12:38
Why were you installing 3.33? If you're running Win2k/XP, you should be installing v4. If you're running 98/ME, you should be using 3.47. It doesn't make sense to install any version older than those.

03.01.2006, 17:15
and y are u posting three times instead of editing your first post?
this is kinda weird...