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20.05.2003, 11:04
Is there a limit for how big a ISO-image can be ??

I have a 4 GB one, and can't read all the data from it... only some of it ??


20.05.2003, 11:31
AFAIK not, I tested images up to 8GB, but FAT32 has a file size limitation of 4GB, i.e. if you use FAT32 you will have problems; with NTFS it should work fine though.

20.05.2003, 17:26
Thanks for your reply...

I have now moved the ISO-image to a NTFS-partition, but still can't read all the data from it.

The strange thing is, that I only have problem with files in folders (level 8+) ??

21.05.2003, 16:13
What this ISO-image contents? This is ISO of DVD or self made ISO from HDD? If you creating this ISO on FAT32 partition, but this image may be corrupted when it reaches 4Gb limit while creation process is running.

21.05.2003, 16:44
It contains a large number of books... and as I know, it should be a ISO of a DVD.

I do not know if it have been made on a FAT32-partition or is corrupted. But I have a friend, which have promise me to burn a DVD from the ISO. Hope it will give me access to the rest of the books. But I don't understand if it's corrupted, why can I mount the ISO, and read some of it.

21.05.2003, 20:11
Some ppl have reported problems with non-standard iso formats. If your directory depth is too big ( >8 ) you might get problems. Try creating an iso in nero (or some other soft) with many sub folders. Then mount it to dtools and see if you can access files. If you can't, burn the image and try accessing them on the actually cdrw.

21.05.2003, 20:54
I made an iso with the same path, as in the other iso. It worked fine with dtools. The only different now, is that my test-iso was 200 kb and the original iso is 4 gb. So i'm very confused, but think i'll give it a try with a burn of it :|

10.07.2003, 22:58
When you moved your 4GB file onto the FAT32 drive only the first 4GB data will be intact. Even when you move it off to the NTFS drive you will loose data (most likely)

The Raspberry
12.03.2004, 15:10
Operating System: winxp prof
Burning Software: nero bundled
Anti-virus Software: norton antivirus 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: V3.44

Um, so how do I extract a file larger than 4 gb?

12.03.2004, 15:39
With NTFS - FAT32 won't work.