View Full Version : Daemon-tools Atuo-mount

18.11.2002, 21:47

Am possibly doing something very stupid but I cant get the Daemon tools automount program to work.

Im trying to make a shortcut that will mount the image and run the app. When I use the test button it works fine but the shortcut it makes does nothing.

I looked at the path it saays - "C:\Program Files\Daemon-Tools Auto-Mount\DTAM.exe" 1 so I assume it stores the mounting info in automount but no matter what I try nothing works.

Im trying to set up a cdserver for a school and batch files dont work on a couple of programs so I thought this would be ideal.

Any help appreciated.

19.11.2002, 00:18
I suggest you mail the author!

19.11.2002, 03:39
OK, first, I will lock this topic, so please email from now on. There is a bug in DTAM, which I will fix soon.