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25.12.2005, 04:12
The way it did that error msg:

Situation: I removed my linux partition today to do something else of my hdd space and forgot about grub, my multi-os loader. I repaired winxp thinking it would remove grub from the mbr. After the file copying, no answer, grub wouldn't load.

I reinstalled linux with less space and then went on with the repair operation on winxp sp2 (that I can't cancel btw unless I reinstall) I let things go and then after my first boot, it can't load the already functional, installed Daemon Tools 4, that never asked for such debuggers, where every damn starforce-protected game was installed during his term, no sf drivers but one sf game was installed (stubbs the zombie).

If there is something that can be investigated here, is that when all working programs kept on working, here with daemon tools already installed, where nothing has "supposedly" changed, we see something happening with the stpd driver.

No antivirus, .net framework was installed but never did dt4 gave sh*t about it. As I said, same files (except the winxp repairing), no dt4 anymore.

I that can pinpoint the reason why, good, I'd be thankful on an answer (as I'm technically in need of it)

If anything is needed from me, details etc. post on it.

26.12.2005, 06:32
zjemily, I moved your post here because this is a totally different 'situation' than the post you replied to.