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21.05.2003, 09:45
I occasionally make some autorun photo album CD. I use winiso to create my image. Then mount the iso by DT. After I changed the image, I need to remount and mount it again. This mount and unmount process need frequently. It just like debugging a program, then save it and then run it again.

Is it possible Venom adding a function "remount" in the next version? What I need is that DT unmount the image and then mount the same image again. I think adding this function will not add too much work to your already heavy work load.



21.05.2003, 13:17
why don't you use daemonscript to create an umount-mount script?

aldo vargas
18.06.2003, 20:44
DAEMount allows to unmount and remount any image file just double-clicking on the file icon (ISO, CUE, CDD, etc.).

To enable this feature, run DAEMount and select Options -> Force Mount.

You can download this third party tool from http://www.aldostools.com/daemount.html