View Full Version : Pernament drives - help please

21.05.2003, 13:43
OK, so I had a system freeze or something and now I have two pernament virtual drives. :| Dtools doesn't recognize them anymore, unistalling it doesn't do the job. I can uninstall the drives myself (through the hardware manager) but they come back after a reboot (even with daemon uninstalled). So I disabled them and they went away for good but now I have to mount newly created drives myself after every reboot. Any help would be appreciated. :D

21.05.2003, 15:00
win2000 sp3
daemon-tools 3.33
burning soft: nero, eac, fireburner
no easy cd creator

21.05.2003, 15:16
Uninstall daemon tools. Remove the st3??? scsi controller from device manager. Remove the pnp bios extension from system devices (in dev mgmt). Remove the virtual cdroms from device managaer.

21.05.2003, 17:51
that did it, thanks.