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21.05.2003, 14:20
Hi All,
My situation is I got CD image in cue format which contains two files: cue and bin files. The original CD contains one data track and many audio tracks. I mount CD with cue file and everythings go perfect (I can use both data and audio tracks). However I lost the cue file and I try to mount CD with the remaining bin file then the result is I can use only data track, all audio tracks are gone. Is there the way to re-generate cue file or another method to that make me can use audio tracks with only bin file?

21.05.2003, 16:07
I think you might have to read this http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=922 before you wrote your post :

21.05.2003, 16:25
2 MarTinX
You post inappropriate to the occasion...
2 Mana
Theoretically it's possible, but it is complicated decision. You can create this .CUE file in notepad. Find some .CUE files in INet, and fill this file as you need.

with Respect...

22.05.2003, 05:15
@Mana just use your origional disc to re create the bin/cue files, simple.

If you do not own the origional disc then MartinX is correct, please be sure to read the posting rules before posting

22.05.2003, 10:16
As i understud Mana didn't say about this. Or you didn't want to help him?

22.05.2003, 14:59
I am sorry about what my question. I don't intend to disobey the rules. I just think there may be a simple way to recover the cue file without original CD but however it seem that my question is out of rules. I am really sorry... :cry:

22.05.2003, 17:16
Ok, then I lock this topic.