View Full Version : Battlefield 1942- Road to Rome and no Cdrom

22.05.2003, 01:04
I have no cdrom in my computer that is hooked to my network so I use Daemon-Tools for my cdrom to play games. I have purchased BF1942 and Road to Rome but I want to play them on my pc with no cdrom. After install Daemon-Tools and BF1942 and Road to Rome I double click on the Road to Rome icon and the screen goes black for a little bit and then returns to the desktop. Ideas anyone??

22.05.2003, 05:16
which program was used to create the image?

22.05.2003, 07:25
CloneCD While back I tried Nero and it did NOT work either.

24.05.2003, 09:30
Could you check which copy protection is used for Road To Rome? Have a look here (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=191) if you don't know how

29.05.2003, 22:38
SafeDisc 2 with cd checks is what I am told. How do I comfirm this?
Has anyone had success using Daemon Tools and battlefield 1942/Road to road.

30.05.2003, 09:00
To prevent you from having to ask how to find out the copy protection, I included a link in my previous posting. Have a look at


It will tell you how to check the copy protection in most cases.

19.06.2003, 06:46
I madethe BF1942 image with CloneCD and it worked fine... :)

05.07.2003, 11:38
This has nothing to do with copy protection .. this is the game.. you need to check up on refreshrate in BF1942.. there is a setting in a settings file you have to set to 1 forgot what.. but if you search the net im sure you'll find meeelions of sites with info :)