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29.12.2005, 11:30
when you install the DT you sould have it like the good old times... but after the finish of the setup... or with in it as a step to have something say if you want to support us install this search bar...

if someone keep pressing next next next will install it anyway

but the problem is that it dont show that is not part of DT 4

at first i though i must have it installed to run the DT

many people did not read the 4 ticks because all of the older version were fine

if you put a tick that say you agree to go to hell
people will not see it and press next :PPPPPP

so in the next release make it more clear that you have adwere -spyware in the DT

29.12.2005, 13:37
They did!!! right in the release notes and right on the main page. It's people like whom you describe that are responsible for virii spreading as badly as they do. It's their own fault for not paying attention and then complaining about it.

29.12.2005, 16:15
I thought it was pretty clear. Its all over the forums, and it's on the front web page about it.

You should just d/l the registered version (it says you are a customer) then its doesn't even appear in the install :)
There's no adware in the registered version

29.12.2005, 16:28
Every time I install DT4 I tick the daemontool search bar. Because I don't have enough money/credit card to support DT team. And I found way to support daemon team. I don't care it's a spyware or addware.

Thanx daemon team for making this wonderful peace of software.

With the help of this tool I successfully played every (yes every) backup of my legally purchased game (Purchased by my parents not me.) ;)

I don't mind if u again release a version with spyware.

29.12.2005, 17:48
people get real
DT site is not the only place you can get the program so you dont read this things

look other examples like the yahoo toolbar or x-fire in games or other stuff...

they ask you clearly in a new window if you want to install them

all i say is to make it different

30.12.2005, 06:19
Even if you forget to deselect the Search Bar option during the DT setup, it still has another box come up that you MUST click OK in to install the WhenU DT Search Bar. How much more obvious can they get? You want them to personally come by and hold the hands of every moron who doesn't read what they install? These threads are getting very old.

04.01.2006, 14:06
I always take note of what I am installing on my system, it's too easy these days to install unwanted crap. If someone install the searchbar without noticing then that is their fault for not paying attention - chances are that their machines are most likely riddled with spyware from other apps because they again have not paid attention to what they were installing!

If you install the searchbar by mistake then it's no big deal, just uninstall & scan your system with an anti-spyware app.

It is clearly displayed on this site that you have the option to install the searchbar or not. If DT4 is available for download elsewhere then it is up to the uploader or site to give a complete description about the software & what is included. You cannot hold the developers responsible for another site not describing the software correctly.

I think the developers have it right! you can support the software by registering or installing the searchbar (or both)
If you do not wish to support it's developement you can still have the software for free but you do have to uncheck the install searchbar option when you install the software .. I don't think that's unreasonable :confused:

For goodness sake, the software is totally free to use if you want - if someone doesn't wish to support it then the developers are saying 'fine, no problem, you can have it anyway '...

Do they have the right to complain??? ... I don't think so! :rolleyes:

05.01.2006, 12:08
@joeboy: I really can't more agree to this!!! FULLY ack!

Especially for the "make it more obvious" part. Maybe we should
insert a wild bouncing arrow with "ALERT ALERT" on it and additonal the CD-ROM
opens, the pc-speakers are beeping and
the monitor flashs wildly and you hear a voice from behind

and I bet 1000$ - even then people will complain: "how could
we know about?"

and the funniest thing is that you don't install a virus - it can
be even DEinstalled by deinstaller. We observe of course
WHAT we implemented very carefully and would not allow
f.e. trojan-methods or no uninstaller.

05.01.2006, 19:17
Maybe we should
insert a wild bouncing arrow with "ALERT ALERT" on it and additonal the CD-ROM
opens, the pc-speakers are beeping and
the monitor flashs wildly and you hear a voice from behind

:D :D

You will probably find a large majority are more than happy to have the searchbar & will accept it as part of the software, but there are some who will never be pleased no matter what you give them !!! ... for those people you would have to remove the searchbar completely then they would find something else to complain about :rolleyes: