View Full Version : Question on Daemon Tools

18.11.2002, 23:27
I don't know if I understand how Daemon Tools works correctly, but what would I do if a game was on multiple CD's, such as UT2k3?

18.11.2002, 23:29
Then I suggest you read the manual!

What concerns UT2K3 (as example). Create images of all 3 CDs, then mount CD1 and start installation, if you're asked for next CD switch back to desktop (ALT & TAB) and mount next CD. After installation you need to mount the play CD to star the game!

18.11.2002, 23:40
Ah I see now, from what I understood after reading the manual you mounted the CD's and just played like that, I didn't know you could install as well. Thanks for clarifying that for me :) .

15.12.2002, 10:24
U can even download a tool which makes shortcuts for the image files u wanna to mount. U can find several tools like this in the download section 8)