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30.12.2005, 00:01
Hi, I did an image of a CD, protected with Securom, with Alcohol 120%. When I mount the image and access it with Administrator rights it works fine. But when I try to access it from a restricted user account it doesn't work. The program on the CD starts but after a short while it hangs. Has anybody got an idea how to fix this?

11.12.2006, 15:35
Same problem here. I made an image of a Phase 6 CD with Blindwrite. Logged on as an admin it works fine, but when I change to a restricted user-account (Windows2000) and start Phase6, an error message occurs, which says that I have to put the CD in drive K: which is my real CD-ROM-Drive. The virtual drive on which DT 4.0.8 mounted the image is N: which is the correct setup path of Phase6.

(On the error message, there is also an hyperlink to a page on www.securom.com)

11.12.2006, 22:34
Does the Phase 6 CD work in a restricted account when using the actual physical CD instead of a DT-mounted image?

12.12.2006, 00:01
Yes, with the original Phase 6 CD in drive K: the program works fine.