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30.12.2005, 00:44
How can i install windows xp pro x64 trial edition without burning onto a cd ? in microsoft's e-mail they said that if you dont have a cd-rw you can use 3rd-party programs to make a virtual drive and install, but the problem is that i've made virtual drives using daemon tools v4 (32bit) but when i mount the image, it says that the setup has to boot from disk when u restart.. anyway i can install without making iso images an burning the file ?


30.12.2005, 02:21
Are you thinking about installing Windows XP Professional x64 Edition onto your machine normally or virtually (ex. MS Virtual PC or VMWare Inc.'s VMWare)?

30.12.2005, 09:04
Yeah, maybe it works with M$ Virtual PC but not with Daemon Tools. I Allready tried it and the setup can`t be boot from 32Bit OS. So try the Virtual PC or burn it on CD. It´s worth because 64 Bit kicks ass, the only thing that sucks at the moment is the Driver support for some Hardware but there are enough sites with lots of drivers for Audio etc.