View Full Version : Is there a chance of race condition in x64?

30.12.2005, 11:45
Is there a chance of race conditions in Daemon Tools 4.01 x64? I'm trying to use it on Pentium D 820 machine. Tests done with Far Manager copy all files from mounted cd to null.

After some time it just BSODs with message like "corruption of critical system data".

Anyone else observing this behavior too?
Most likely BSOD happens when "System Cache" counter in task manager is going near 800M (I have 1Gig ram)

30.12.2005, 13:23
Wait for next version to be released soon, it fixes a bug with heavy drive usage.

01.01.2006, 12:18
And when will that version come? Because I heard customers already got version 403...

03.01.2006, 12:15
It's now out for the general public.