View Full Version : Error code 31

30.12.2005, 13:47
having softice 3.2 working sweetly with my beloved pc , i decided to install dtools 4 ...
after realising that dtools 4 creams a debugger i decided to uninstall it
to my complete and utter disgust i now cannot get my softice to run :mad:
i get error code 31 a device attached to this system is not functioning
wtf has happened to it?
i have unistalled the dtools 4
any help would be appreciated please

30.12.2005, 13:52
Ensure sptd.sys is removed, check related thread in common problems and solutions forum, reboot after removal.

30.12.2005, 14:31
ok it appears to be working again may thx
the reason i was reluctant to .bak or delete the sptd.sys file is i was (and still am) unsure what else was using or may want to use this file i guess i wil lfind out eventually (if anything i have on the pc wants to use it),
i think with dtools 4 and this way of it working your damned if you do and damned if you dont ,clearly removing this file automatically has issues with other files ,else it would be implicated in the uninstallation of the program..
iam glad its gone and for now it wont be going back into my pc