View Full Version : two odd problems with d-tools

30.12.2005, 18:51
first off whenever i try switching a disk during an installation a message comes up that mentions something about outstanding handles, this isnt a problem per se because clicking ignore gets right by it but it is annoying, id reproduce what it says verbatim but i cant due to my next problem

The second problem is that all of a sudden when i mount a disc windows says the image is not formatted and cannot be recognized by windows, and these are images ive used within the last week. can anyone shed some light as to whats going on here?

30.12.2005, 19:48
the first "problem" will be resolved in the next DT version.
i dont know the solution for the second prob, because i havent experienced it.

31.12.2005, 06:11
benitojuarez, I would try mounting your non-working images on another machine and see if you get the same error message when you try to access the virtual drive in the My Computer window (by double left clicking).

31.12.2005, 07:47
they work when i mount them with alcohol 120% but we all know d-tools is superior.

31.12.2005, 10:29
Then wait for next DT rls and look if it works then. Otherwise try uninstall of DT 4, look under device manager if there are Virtual Devices and uninstall them too. Then Install DT4 again.