View Full Version : Drive not accessible, splits my drivers

31.12.2005, 01:53
I initially had this problem after I updated windows. My DVD-RW drive got split into two drives, and F:\ and a G:\. One was named DVD Drive and the other CDRW Drive. I also had two drivers in my device manager, a Generic DVD drive and a Matshita CDRW (my drive is a Matshiuta or something like that, so the driver was spelled wrong too). When I tried to access F:\ it just acted as if there was no CD in there and I needed to insert one. When I clicked on G:\ I got the Drive is not accessible error. Also, when I insert a CD the action menu came up but as soon as I clicked on something I got the not accessible error. I thought that something just screwed my computer up so I reformatted, as soon as I installed Daemon tools it happened again. So I uninstalled it and it fixed my problem. I'm not sure what the problem is but I used to run daemon tools just fine, just after the most recent windows update I started having problems.

I have a Sony VAIO VGN-S460 just in case anybody needs to look up the specs.

31.12.2005, 03:39
my problem is the same......except it says i hafta insert a disk into G:/ and F:/ doesnt say anything in it so it doesnt work, does this program work with games or just movies??

04.01.2006, 18:09
The program is supossed to work for any image files.

I didn't have this problem until after the windows patch.