View Full Version : lcd image

24.05.2003, 15:13
i have an lcd image
can i create a virtual drive for the image with Daemon Tools?

25.05.2003, 00:53
What program did you make this image with? Try renaming it to .iso and mounting it.

26.05.2003, 04:23
I think this LCD file was made by CD Space.
If this LCD was compressed one, you cannot just rename it and mount it via Daemon.

19.06.2003, 16:16
The only thing you can do is to use cdspace. Obviously you must buy the full version, but on the other hand, you created the images using cdspace, right? so you are legal customer and can simply convert this images using every common imager.

If you are NOT legal customer of cdspace, then please: GO AWAY and don't ask HERE what to do!