View Full Version : USB TO IDE and Daemon Tools

31.12.2005, 05:11
Hey everyone. I recently bought USB 2.0 to IDE adapter to take care of starforce. It works fine until i tried to burn stuff. I tried burning a dvd, and Nero gave me an "unspecified target error". I updated Nero to the latest version, made the burning speed 6x instead of 16x as last time. Still no luck. Any chance Daemon Tools interferes with USB DVD writers? If not, anyone else had this problem? Thanks. Nik.

21.01.2006, 11:51

Just letting you know that I have a USB to IDE adaptor on a DVD drive, am running Daemon Tools, and am able to burn DVDs fine using Nero Expres Version 6, so I can let you know it does work.


- Stoz

12.02.2006, 14:17
Try unpluging the drive.....then replug back in untill windows says "found new Hardware"....you may have to repeat this every session....