View Full Version : Running daemon-t with batch files

31.12.2005, 10:59
Hi All,

I use batch files to enable me to run games without having to insert the original disk, e.g. for Need for speed most wanted i click on a link to a batch file containing the following:

"C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe" -unmount 0
"C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\daemon.exe" -mount 0,"C:\TMP\NFSMW\st-nfsmw1.mdf"
"F:\Games\Need for Speed Most Wanted\speed.exe"

This works with no problems. However some games require daemon tools to be run with all emulation options on. My question is how do I specify these parameters in my batch file?

31.12.2005, 17:21
Usually running from image should not require any emulation.
You can add the options -safedisc on -securom on -rmps on -laserlock on to your batch file though.
Check out Daemon Script (v4 compatible version not available yet) if you want (in our download section).