View Full Version : Windows 2000

24.05.2003, 20:53
I have backed up my legit copy of windows 2000 to a iso but is it possible to use this software or any other software to install it?

24.05.2003, 22:23
u can't install ur OS from an mounted image. How could u mount the image without an OS to run daemontools? :D

06.07.2003, 18:19
i have installed winxp sucessfully using a mounted image.it can be done if its an upgrade!

18.07.2003, 09:45
Of course you cannot install an OS without having burned it on a cd because daemon tools itself needs Windows :)

But never heard about upgrading to XP using daemon, wow, fantastic, congrat :)

But it's better to have the OS burned on a cd anyway