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25.05.2003, 01:36
I've been reading the forums trying to solve my problem but all the previous ideas dont seem to work. I installed DT3.33 and its saying "No Virtual SCSI drives found". I checked the Compatability slot and its Unchecked. Ive also tried to run an update on the SCSI device ( Yellow warning icon) but under properties it still says: Device is unable to start :?:

Id like it if you could help.

AMD 2000+
700+ RAM
ATI 9000

Nero Burn!


25.05.2003, 01:49
Uninstall 3.33. Remove scsi controller from devmgmt. Remove pnp bios extension from system devices in devmgmt. Reboot. Install 3.33. DON'T REBOOT. Does it work? If it does, try rebooting and seeing if it works.

25.05.2003, 02:21
I Uninstalled DT, PnP and SCSI's from devmgmt. I installed 3.33, got the reboot prompt, said no and it still doesnt detect any Virtual SCSI drive. Also after the install in dvmgmt the SCSI virtual drive still has the yellow ! warning icon. What else can i do?

25.05.2003, 20:25
Did you reboot after removing devices from devmgmt (and before installing 3.33)? This is necessairy to avoid prompt for reboot from installer.

27.05.2003, 04:04
Yes i have, 3 times now.

27.05.2003, 22:09
For most people, they are able to use daemon tools directly after install. When they reboot, they get problems. You could try disabling the scsi controller, then reboot, and enable it (but don't reboot now). You could try an older version (3.23 or 3.29) and see if it helps. I'll add these later this week to the download section.

25.06.2003, 08:55
I installed DAEMON Tools 3.33 on Windows 2003 Server. Under Administrator account it runs fine, however I am unable to start it as an ordinary (non-privileged) user - I get a "Virtual SCSI driver not detected" error.

I have no SCSI drives on my system. ST3WOLF SCSI Controller and PnP BIOS Extension in device manager are showing no problems. Obviously, it is a issue with permissions.

The user account I am using has full access to installation directory, and I also made sure he can read System32\Drivers\st3wolf.sys. All other filesystem and registry permissions are out-of-the-box.

Is there anything else?