View Full Version : Unable to start or unistall DT V4

01.01.2006, 17:00
I have the following Problem.
I have DT V4. I have 3 drives set up. I mounted an image in the third drive to install the application. After that was done I went to bed after shutting the system down.
The next morning I was not able to start DT (error mesage). All images where still mounted. I decided to uninstall DT.
But surprise I had another error message. So I was unable to start or reinstall it.
I had a hard time to unmount the images without starting DT. I deleted it manually including the entries in my windows registration.
Then I tried to reinstall it, but I already got curious when I saw that the installer knew my previous installation path. I went on with installation and still had the same problems.

Can anybody help me ?!?

P.S. My system is running with WinXp+SP2

03.01.2006, 12:16
Try manually uninstalling DT4.