View Full Version : How to become a beta tester

01.01.2006, 22:16
I was just woundering how do i become a DAEMON Tools alfa/beta tester?

02.01.2006, 15:37
I can tell you how not to become one,

Most of these type positions are invite only.
In some rare cases admin will come out and ask if they need someone.

In the scene, asking to become a mod, or the like, is considered to be in bad taste, very n00b.

And by the by, i am just explaining things as i see them, i am not trying to down you. i hope if u want to u will become a tester or mod or somthing.

02.01.2006, 16:22
Thanks for the post, Stile.

It was just a general question, i'm sure i'm not the only person trying to figure this out.