View Full Version : How to become a customer?

03.01.2006, 19:20
Yeah, I know, stupid question....

However, since registering the program on 21-11-2005, emailing locutus and emailing DAEMON Tools support with copy of receipt provided by Share-It.....nothing....nada....zip.....stuff all.....you get the idea.

No indication that I've actually registered, no access to Customer forum, (if it even exists), no access to Customer downloads, (if that also even exists).

I like/use the program, however, if they aren't going to register me, (and they really should provide some really obvious means, for example: 'Not Registered'/'Registered' under User CP), then they should tell me and perhaps be good enough to return my money?

04.01.2006, 06:50
we send you PM about this issue!

04.01.2006, 09:02
Thank you Locutus for your reply and for the status upgrade :)

The third time proved to be a charm.

However, could I still suggest that some indication of a user's status be made available under the 'User CP' like 'Customer/Non Customer'.

I know that Customers have access to another forum/download section but these aren't seen by 'Non Customers', and if you ended up like me wondering if you were/weren't then you really had no way to tell.

Thank you again for your swift response and the excellent product.

04.01.2006, 09:04
A user's status is shown. Click Quick Links, My Profile. The userranks are aligned to the right hand side as icons.

04.01.2006, 09:11
Well there you go, you learn something every day!

Thanks for that.