View Full Version : cannot install daemon 403-x64

04.01.2006, 06:24
When I click the setup file I get the following daemon tools 4.03he (64 bit) this platform is not supported.

the 4.00 version setup gives me an error message as follows:

sptd setup v1.21 system file error

When I click the setup file for daemon 4.00 it runs and I get a sptd setup window saying that SPTD will be installed and its not compatible with kernel mode debuggers. I am a noob and I don't know what this means, I don't think that i have softICE or WinDBG on my computer, is it safe to install.

So How is the best way to get daemon tools on my system and can someone explain this kernel mode debugger thing.

04.01.2006, 09:24
Do you use 64bit Windows? If you use normal 32bit Windows, you've to use x86 version, NOT x64 version!

04.01.2006, 17:04
I downloaded the other version but I get the following error message during installation:

sptd setup v1.24 = failed to oped config key.


04.01.2006, 17:18
I ran the starforce protection drivers removal tool which found nothing, i restarted in safe mode and try to install x86 with no help.

06.01.2006, 11:34
I am also running into this same error using the X86 version on Windows XP MCE. In fact, everything ran fine until I had to do a reinstall of the operating system, and since then I haven't been able to get 4.0 or 4.03 to work on my system.

08.01.2006, 14:45
Yup, im getting the same error while trying to instal 4.03, it uninstalls 4.01 fine, then comes up with that error, tried rebooting but still pops up, had to re-install 4.01, and yes im using XP64 :P