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26.05.2003, 20:18
I am looking for help to burn an iso over 1 gig to a 700 mb disk. I have DT, Diskjuggler, nero, alocohol120. I have been told that I can with any of these programs, but so far no one has been able to give me proper directions. I would greatly appreciate any help if possible. :?

26.05.2003, 20:53
You canґt - it wonґt fit.
What kind of iso are you talking about, and howґd you create it (software/settings used) - and I hope you read the rules!

27.05.2003, 08:10
General maths tells you that it is not possible, try this take a pint glass of water and pour it into a half pint glass :!:

27.05.2003, 15:47
Is it possibly a DVD image?