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04.01.2006, 21:02
:confused: I thought I could figure it out, but I don't think I have the concept of Daemon Tools clear in my head, even after reading all the instructions.

I have installed Version 4. I don't want to run games emulations or anything complex. I only want to "burn" a movie image now and then to my hard drive rather than on a disc.

I've got good working versions of Nero 6x and Alcohol 120 and have burned lots of stuff in the past, but I am missing something.

Ok, so what do I do first? Then next?

(This is what I thought: Daemon tools will create virtual drives on my hard drive and I can then select those as destinations when I burn the image with Alcohol or Nero rather than the real cd drive. Even though I can see a virtual drive on the pull down, I can't see where to select it to finish the burn.:mad: )

Thanks in advance to anybody with the patience to give me a simple step-by-step for burning a movie .bin. iso etc to my hard drive......or direct me to somebody's existing instructions.:)

04.01.2006, 23:09
See the Daemon Help, i think this will help you:

05.01.2006, 09:39
so what? you want to burn a movie onto your harddrive? besides that it's not called burning, but copying instead, where exactly is your problem? Are you talking about copying DVDs to your hard drive? Then you might want to give AnyDVD or DVD Decrypter a try. No need for Daemon Tools here..