View Full Version : install error - file with same name ?

04.01.2006, 21:31
I had 3.47 installed and also installed this ohter software which made d-tools not work.

After remove both software, when I try to install 3.47 again, I get a window that says..

cannot create dir.
c:\windows/installer\(3ded3a72-61ab-4b87-98a5-ef0bc8038aa0) a file with this name already exsist. please rename or remove the file and chick retry.

I have looked high and low for this file and It can;t be found anywhere, either on the HD or registry, atleast I cant find it.


04.01.2006, 21:37
You've to delete that folder - note that the Installer folder in Windows directory is hidden, i.e. you've to configure Explorer first to show all files and directories.

04.01.2006, 22:56
I know about the hidden folders.. that folder its looking for cant be found, there are a lot of folders in the install dir, just that one is not there.

atleast that I can see, and Ive checked many times, Im doing it again.


04.01.2006, 23:28
I really have to open my eyes wider, or place them right side up instead of upside down, I found the missing folder.

DT installed correctly now.