View Full Version : What does daemon tools exactly change with the kernel?

05.01.2006, 03:14
I remember while installing daemon tools, something with my kernel was changed and was told kernel debuggers would not work. What exactly was changed and does uninstalling daemon tools change it back? I've noticed some oddities and errors in a few programs since I installed daemon tools...

05.01.2006, 06:38
what "oddities"?

In case of incompatibilities I suggest you to uninstall Daemon

you can deinstall DTools completely, first use our deinstaller,
then take a look to the "Common Problems and Solutions" forum
to find out how to remove SPTD-driver. After that, no "oddities"
should occur anymore (at least not caused by DaemonTools)

05.01.2006, 21:16
So uninstalling daemontools will also change the kernel back? (Changing the kernel while installing daemontools required me to reactivate windows... so it changed something on the hardware end with my processor and kernel)

06.01.2006, 00:43
I bet the reason you had to reactivate was because windows thought you added new CD or DVD hardware http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/images/icons/icon12.gif