View Full Version : virtual drives not appearing

29.05.2003, 09:03
i had the same problem than here:


i solved it by installind v3.20

now it installs porperly but :

i have only 1 working device in device manager, the 2. has a !


when i left click on d-tools trayicon, there is : device0 : [] no media
why is there no letter between []?
at 2set device parameters" ive tried to give it a letter, but it doesnt work. so the drive is not appearing under "my computer"

im running win xp, nero+clonecd installed, firewall turned off

plz help

30.05.2003, 16:50
Try to manully update driver for corresponding CDROMs in device manager - abort automatic search and just specify standard CDROM driver (it is in cdrom.inf supplied with OS).