View Full Version : Sysdrv.sys error ? HELP!

05.01.2006, 21:17
Hi, being new to Daemon-tool, I think even ver 3.47 causes problems to me. The installation was fine. Right after I first ran an image(a game, the virtual rom was usable throughout gaming), I get blue screen saying "sysdrv.sys error" everytime after I reboot my PC.

But I won't get the blue screen if I boot windows XP using "Last known good config". Only normal boot will crash the system 3 minutes after I got into windows XP. I

I went through the forum. Seeing some people having the exact problem. But the each conclusion is about removing daemon-tool. Is there no other way that I can use it? Its really good stuff though! I see that 3.43 onwards, there is a SCSI thingy added, am I right? I think this is the conflict i have. What about the version 3.43 or below, should it run fine without the SCSI thingy? I am looking at ver 2.60. I have not installed it yet cuz I am darn scared of crashes again. And wht do u mean by having to diasble IDE drives? Do u mean b4 the installation I have to disable all my optical drives?

PLS reply me. I have loads of games waiting, but the tool is not in good shape..Emergency .... Thanx~!!