View Full Version : Why am I so Dumb? Pls I need a Walkthrough

06.01.2006, 00:52
I just don't seem to have the virtual image/mount image/emulate image concept clear. I have read all the instructions, faq, and previous "simple" direction posts, but they seem mostly for people to wish to make game images etc. I just want to mount a movie file or two.

WHAT I WANT: :confused: Simply, I want to mount an iso sometimes as a playable movie on a virtual drive to preview rather than burn to cdr of dvd right away. Not interested in games or emulations.

WHAT ISN'T WORKING: I can create images using Alcohol or Nero fine.....have been doing so for years. But what next?

PLS GIVE ME A WALK THROUGH: First I create a virtual drive (how?) Then I mount the image on the drive (how?) Pls let me know what file extension I will be looking at at each step in the process.

Sorry for being so dim. I hope someone can take a moment to help.

06.01.2006, 02:28
Start Daemon tools:
R/click on the Daemon icon in your system tray:
Go to virtual CD/DVD-ROM:
It should say Device 0:[E] No media (or simmilar depending on your next drive letter)
If you do not get this option go to Set number of devices/ 1 drive:

Highlight Device 0:[E] No media and select 'mount image':
Browse for the .iso you wish to mount and mount it:

That's it, go to start/my computer and you should now have a virtual drive listed here with the image installed as well as your regular drives.

Hope this helps :)

06.01.2006, 03:26
alright, here you go

download and install Daemon Tools
Once you see its icon in the taskbar (near to the clock down right) left-click on it, click where it says Device 0 ...., select the image file you want your virtual drive to be filled with and click "open".

That's it. :)